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Welcome to Ava Technology

Making  a difference in tech

Welcome to Ava tech Consultancy, your trusted partner for low-code automation and integration solutions. If you're seeking a reliable consulting firm that tailors services to your business needs, we're here to assist.

At Ava tech, we specialize in exploring new technologies and innovative applications, including leveraging ChatGPT for your business success. Let's have a conversation about how this cutting-edge technology can work for you.

Have a peek over at our blog to see a snapshot of what we can do for you. These will be updated regularly so feel free to follow us on LinkedIn to see when new content is released.

Dr Anton Hughes

"I am actually blown away. I have never encountered anyone document their work as thoroughly as you do!"


Complimentary, this is the key word to remember when talking automation and the rise of ever more automonous anthopomorphised computer software.


Let's use the power of computing to allow people to do what makes them happy in the workplace. Why not automate the repetitive and allow people to deal with the outliers. If we strive to automate the 80% we can put our efforts into the 20% which demand a more holistic and wider review of data and environment. Why not automate expense processes, data categorisation, data entry etc.

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Gain insight

At Ava Tech our team is there to support each other and create an environment where we can help customers achieve outcomes which fit today and are flexible enough that you can grow into tomorrow.

Let us help you gain insight into your business using Microsoft Power Platform.


Many businesses collect data without utilising their full potential.


Let us show you how you can not only automate processes but also gain insight to help drive your business forward.

Conversational AI

Experience the transformative power of cutting-edge technologies as we integrate large language models like ChatGPT and Llama2 into your collateral and internal-facing platforms at Ava Tech.


Empower your team with AI-driven automation, streamlining interactions with customers and internal stakeholders alike. With personalized responses and optimized engagement, your collateral becomes a dynamic resource for all user needs. Embrace the future of AI-driven interactions with Ava Tech, unlocking new possibilities for your organization.

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Power Pages

At Ava Tech, we're all about transforming customer experiences, and now, we've made it even easier by integrating Power Pages with Azure B2C.


With this implementation we can create dynamic portals that prioritize intuitive navigation and personalized content. Power Pages, combined with Azure B2C, ensures effortless interactions while enhancing security and scalability.

Our goal is simple: to make your customers' experiences exceptional and unforgettable. By connecting Power Pages with Azure B2C, you not only streamline access but also provide a secure and user-friendly environment for your customers' customers.


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