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New Year - New Projects

Post the Christmas period many may return to a slow start of projects, some to a hiss and a roar. No matter how you come back this is a good time to start implementing some of those good housekeeping behaviors into your project plans.

Why not start factoring in time to setup pipelines for your Power Platform projects or moving those pesky Power Automate flows into solutions. Whatever the little niggly clean up or good practice task that were missed going into end of year may be this is a great time of year to start setting expectations.

While pressure may be slightly less at this time of year make the most of the opportunity to show decision makers that good habits speeds up delivery and lessen technical debt.

Azure DevOps as well as GitHub have some great Power Platform actions to help built pipelines which are quick and easy to implement. While Power Platform solutions help give visibility for teams while safeguarding from the dreaded orphaned objects.

If you would like to know more about Power Platform solutions why not read our blog post dedicated to the subject.

Microsoft have some great documentation on using the Power Platform build tools. One thing to note when setting up the service connection it is important to select the specific Power Platform connection.

If your team would like to have a conversation regarding your Power Platform environments feel free to contact the team -

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