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Using forms to collect information – Expense Claim Part 1

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Forms is a brilliant way to collect information in a systematic way. It is not as dynamic as say Power Apps but what it lacks in functionality if makes up for in licensing costs. As at the time of writing this blog post MS forms is included in Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Business Basic license Compare 365 licensing here

Head on over here to check out pre-made templates which you can use as is or add your own flair to.

To start pop over to the forms weburl


Click on ‘New Form’ to start a blank form

Name the form and add an explanation for your users

Click ‘Add new’ button to add a new section, here we will add a text box for the user to explain the purchase.

Here we add in the question. We also have a number of options, is the user allowed a long answer? Is the field required for the form to be submitted? We can also add something called branching to a question. This is where a question can take the user down different questions. We will keep this one simple and leave branching out of it this time. Simply slide the slider for Required as we do need a reason for the expense to be incurred.

For the next section we need to allow the user to attach a file as we need a copy of the receipt. Click ‘Add new’ and then click on the down arrow at the end

Additional options are displayed such as file upload, this is the one we want

This will advise that the files will be uploaded to onedrive when loaded. Click yes and continue. There are a few decisions which need to be made on this question. How big are the files allowed to be? How many files are they allowed to upload? We will leave this at 1 and 10MB.

Next, we will add two choice questions, Was the expense incurred in New Zealand? And was the expense entertainment? Click ‘Add new’ and select choice

Simply type over the choice names

For the Entertainment option simply put Entertainment in the first option and remove the second option.

Then click on the ‘Add “other” option’ button to create an ‘other’ category

Follow the same process to add a field for amount.

We can now preview our form to see how a user would interact with the form. Click on the preview button in the top right-hand corner

And this is what it looks like:

That's it, a simple form to collect information. In part 2 we will use that information.

Stay tuned! And reach out to us on our contact us page if you have any questions.

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