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Save that code!

Let's explain source code repositories without using all that jargon!

Top view of composition of colorful pencils with blank notebook on wooden background -

Imagine you love drawing and painting, and you have a special notebook where you keep all your artwork. You can go back to that notebook anytime you want and see all the pictures you've created.

Well, a source code repository is kind of like that special notebook, but for computer programmers. Instead of drawings, they store their computer programs in the repository.

A computer program is a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. It's like a recipe for the computer to follow. Programmers write these instructions in a special language called code.

Now, instead of a physical notebook, the source code repository is like a special place on the internet where programmers store their code. It keeps everything organized and safe, just like your notebook keeps your drawings safe.

Programmers use the repository to keep track of all the changes they make to their code over time. It's like having different versions of a drawing as you make changes or improvements. They can go back to any version and see how the code looked at different points in time.

The repository also helps programmers work together. Imagine if you and your friends wanted to create a big mural together. You could each have your own pages in the notebook, and whenever you make changes or add something, you can show it to your friends, and they can do the same. That way, you all know what everyone is working on, and you can collaborate easily.

Similarly, in a source code repository, programmers can work together on the same program. They can make changes to the code, share their ideas with others, and merge their work together to create something bigger and better.

So, in simple terms, a source code repository is like a special place on the internet where programmers store and manage their computer programs. It helps them keep their work organized, track changes over time, and collaborate with others.

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